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So Long Old Friend

I find myself hit with a bout of Nostalgia this week. If you have been reading this blog you may well have heard some of my issues with my beloved cuttlebug as it has slowly been dying.

We had a good run my bug and I. You see it was an original cuttlebug. It got well used as one of my favored tools. As a budget crafter your die cutting machine is a great way to make your money stretch from making your own flowers to mini albums and everything in between. I also love using it to cut out alphas so that I don’t have to buy so many.

Anyway it now only cuts on one side, needs heavy shimming, and the cog/gear that turns the handle is down to just four teeth.

It is time to move on. But I felt I should at least post a tribute to my bug on my craft blog as I have created so much with it.

I am very lucky however to be able to move on. As a wonderful and very very generous friend sent me a brand new Sizzix Big Shot, no more ugly green for me its very pretty pink and black and even has rhinestones.


So it’s goodbye cuttlebug hello big shot 🙂

However as I said my cuttlebug served me well and I am so grateful that I have a replacement. No more fighting with my bug to try and cut things out.


you will be missed.