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ATC’s From the Vault

It is such a shame I do not have more pics to share with you all but looking through my photobucket I have these four ATC’s (artist trading cards for non arty/crafty types)

The first two I want to share with you are some of my first when my stash was very small (I mean it fit into less than one tote bag small).

One of my first phases was Walnut Ink and aging things so that is the first ATC I want to share with you


the second had a theme of exotic animals, thank goodness I had the two giraffe’s in a stash of stamped images from a swap as I had no idea what else I could have done at that time.

Exotic Animals

The next is another early one with the theme of Red, Black and White.

Red white and Black

and lastly the last ATC I created (before joining in a recent swap on Jelly Bean Scrappers) this one took quite a bit of time, as each piece of the sunset is a different handmade paper layered over each other, you need to wet it to get the rough type of edge and I really love the way the Tim Holtz stamp of the birds fits it.

Summer Sunsets

when the Ladies all receive their ATC’s I will share the ones I have been working on over the weekend and today (Lots of stamping, hand colouring, using a favorite pearl ex technique and fussy cutting, not to mention inking…..)

And that’s all there is there isn’t anymore…..

A day of Bearmaking and experimenting

A day of bear making and experimenting

Yesterday I received a new commission from a friend. So it was spent finding my pattern book, cutting out a new pattern from the last of my templastic (only to find my supplier of bear stuff does not have it anymore), cutting out, prepping (for me this involved fray stoppering the edges, sewing the neck and paw pads in and pinning all the pieces ready for sewing), and I even managed to get the bears tummy sewn.

Today I had planned on sewing a lot more than I did, don’t get me wrong I sewed two legs and an arm and this is not a small bear we are talking about here it will be around 15″+ when he is finished.

However the parcel man dropped off a parcel that I couldn’t help myself I had to have a play. Today my pentel oil pastels arrived.

Like the first time I used my regular more chalk like pastels I am not quite sure how I feel about these yet. On one hand I love the richness of colour of using them on watercolour paper on the other my first attempt on regular art drawing paper whilst looks good I was not happy with how hard it was to work in and blend the colours.

So here is the first attempt on art paper. I created a sunset over water type background.


This pic is of the colours in the set on watercolour paper notice the richness and ease of how they blend as opposed to the art paper


And lastly my attempt to draw a weeping willow. I am not too sure about the tree however I love the shimmery effect I managed to create in the water and the tones of the sky as well.


Considering I only did these as quick probably less than an hour each drawings my intent was to play and see how the pastels layer and such. It is interesting how used to my more chalk like pastels I have become as the oil pastels feel weird to me. I am looking forward to combining them with my soft charcoal and pulling out my art journal perhaps on the weekend.