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Another take on Tattered Florals

An idea popped into my head last night and would not leave.
Based on my very first blog tutorial here. Variagated recycled book flowers.

So here is the tutorial should you wish to watch the youtube video:

or if you preffer step by step instructions complete with pics go here

So being me and it being almost the 11th hour I had to try this with the tattered florals.

I had an ornament I never quite knew how I wanted to finish that I had experimented with clear gallery glass and pearl ex powder on the inside of.

I added some white paper twine around the top with some magic tape and a loop to hang the ornament.

Then used some glue dots to adhere the handmade scrunched tattered floral flowers around the outside of the glass bauble.
 photo tfornament2_zpsad052594.jpg

and from a slightly different angle

 photo tfornament1_zpsd3f913fa.jpg

I had an idea when I was about to sort the flowers and dry them. I took out two pieces of white cs and placed the flowers over them. I misted the flowers and dabbed them off with paper towel pushing them down onto the cs

this is the results:

 photo bg2_zps9a092768.jpg


 photo bg1_zps5dca2084.jpg

the best thing is I now have two pretty handmade background or even card bases and thus wasted less distress reinker 🙂

Dusk and Halloween Themed Baby Shower Set

I have been waiting to share this set of things with you until after the event. A wonderful friend and adopted daughter in the States is pregnant YAY and as a small gift to her I made her baby shower invites, thank you cards and wish cards so people can write their wishes for Daphane when she is born.

You may remember the Jemima Puddleduck birth announcements I did well they are for the same person. I am so Happy for Leah and Brandon.

As soon as she told me the theme was dusk and halloween I knew I had to use the child on a swing stamp from MPress (sorry I have been looking and looking but not been able to find this stamp anywhere if anyone has a link to somewhere that has them in stock can you please comment with it as I know a few people dying to get their hands on it!), the thing that took the longest were the embossed spider webs but I think they really made the invite. Add to this the baby’s room will be done with birds and you have the thank you cards as well.

The first pic is the set of 3 so you can see how it all works together


The invites:

The Thank you cards


and the wish tags


I was so happy not only with how all of these turned out but also with the reaction of the person I sent them to. It is always wonderful when someone loves what you have created for them.

So next time your going to or throwing a baby shower create wish tags for the unborn child. It is something they can keep forever and just that little something a bit different.

ATC’s From the Vault

It is such a shame I do not have more pics to share with you all but looking through my photobucket I have these four ATC’s (artist trading cards for non arty/crafty types)

The first two I want to share with you are some of my first when my stash was very small (I mean it fit into less than one tote bag small).

One of my first phases was Walnut Ink and aging things so that is the first ATC I want to share with you


the second had a theme of exotic animals, thank goodness I had the two giraffe’s in a stash of stamped images from a swap as I had no idea what else I could have done at that time.

Exotic Animals

The next is another early one with the theme of Red, Black and White.

Red white and Black

and lastly the last ATC I created (before joining in a recent swap on Jelly Bean Scrappers) this one took quite a bit of time, as each piece of the sunset is a different handmade paper layered over each other, you need to wet it to get the rough type of edge and I really love the way the Tim Holtz stamp of the birds fits it.

Summer Sunsets

when the Ladies all receive their ATC’s I will share the ones I have been working on over the weekend and today (Lots of stamping, hand colouring, using a favorite pearl ex technique and fussy cutting, not to mention inking…..)

And that’s all there is there isn’t anymore…..


I have a confession; actually it is more of an addiction. I love making mists.

as you can see from this picture of my Misting Box


Sure if I had the budget I would be buying as many as I could get my hands on. However as a budget crafter you cannot beat making your own mists.

It seriously costs you less than about $1 a bottle if you follow my tips.

Lets talk about the Materials you will neeed:


Firstly Invest in Re-Inkers, especially Distress ones. The reason for this is many. There is so much you can do with Re-Inkers above and beyond re inking your stamp pads or using stamping foam to make your own custom stamps or stamp pads for ones you have yet to own the Ink Pad of.

I will actually write up a tutorial on the things you can do with re inkers as I have quite a few.

Anyway back to mists.

Invest in a big jar of your favourite pearl ex powder (pearl, macro pearl or interference gold all make wonderful mists) and some Gum Arabic Powder. Alternately use your perfect pearls or any other mica based pigment powder. Both work really well and will give you different effects. I have used both pearl ex and perfect pearls in mists and love both of them. What I love about pearl ex is the ability to buy a larger jar we can only hope that Ranger will at some point create larger containers for some or all of their Perfect Pearls range.

TIP: Add in your gum Arabic powder straight to your jar of pearl ex and shake well this helps overcome the problem of lumps and having trouble mixing the powder into mists, water colours and other such things. Following the instructions on the bottle of course  ¼ gum Arabic to pearl ex

Invest in your misting or spray bottles. Look on EBay for bulk purchases (here is a link to one of my favourite places to get them from http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/290599549921?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649 )

You do not have to buy loads to begin with 10 bottles will give you a good range. The reason I prefer the 50ml bottles is that with the mini misters (these are fantastic for a smaller project when you only want a limited amount of a colour) you do not get a lot of use and often in projects I need to make more mist. So the 50ml bottles go quite far and mean that I do not have to make that mist up every time I want to use it.

You will also notice from the photos that I have a 100ml water bottle also purchased cheaply from eBay.

This one will sound a bit odd but also add to your Misting supplies one bottle of each of the cheap food colourings Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. I got mine at a local supermarket for 99c. These actually make really good mists and can be mixed to make other colours.

A ‘Recipe’ Book to add in a colour sample as well as how much of each Re-Inker or Food Colouring you have used. Also for when you mix your own colours and such.


A Black Sharpie or other Black permanent Marker to write in your Recipe Book and on Your Bottles.

An Eye Dropper and small spoon or scoop.

Water (I use an old soft drink/soda bottle and always have it handy in my craft space)

So now you have all your materials what next?

Now you get to play Mad Scientist and experiment

Let’s start with a Basic Re-Inker Mist pick a colour and let’s begin

Step 1. Fill your bottle with water leaving some room at the top. Remember you can always add more water after you have made your mix but want enough room to add your shimmer powder and re-inker

Step 2. Add a small scoop of your powder (when you have made a few you will discover the joy of trying different combinations of coloured powders for different effects however for the most part I stick to a neutral or golden shimmer so as to make my home made mists more versatile.) Swirl your bottle to mix in your shimmer


Step 3. Now this will depend on the strength of colour of the Re-Inker as well. Colours like spun sugar will no matter how much Re-Inker you add only ever give you the barest hint of colour so choose slightly darker colours if you want bold bright mists. Add in one eye dropper full of your Re-Inker, put your spray nozzle back on and mix well, do a test Spritz on a blank piece of white paper to see if you like the strength of the colour. If it is not strong enough add some more Re-Inker, this takes a little bit of intuition as you may need one or two more eye droppers full or just a few more drops. Think about the depth of colour you want.
I used Forrest Moss and one full eyedropper was more than enough to make the colour


Tip: Start gradually and build up it is far easier than going to dark and having to then turn what would be one bottle of mist into two

Step 4: In your ‘Recipe’ Book write down your recipe with your permanent Marker. Also write it on your bottle


Step 5: Mist your ‘Recipe’ and allow it to dry


And that is it a basic Mist made and ready for you to use

Food Colouring Mists are made in the exact same way. Just substitute Re-Inker for the food colouring and use a bit more caution as the food colouring is very concentrated. You can also use India inks, and other fluid based inks. I really want to try making a mist with brilliance re-inkers as I think you could get a lovely shimmer from them without needing to add perfect pearls or pearl ex.

Tip:  Experiment with making your own colours. Mix Both Re-Inkers and Food Colouring together for some great colours.


Tip: Use Black Soot or Black India ink added a single drop at a time to intensify and darken colours. Do not use with light colours such as pale pinks and yellows as the black will totally take over these colours.

That is it some homemade misting basics.

I love Mists. As a budget crafter for me it is about stretching every craft dollar as far as possible to allow me to be as creative as I can. Home Made mists are a fantastic way to do this.

However the pre made variety are rather awesome. If you’re on a budget look for the value packs and store specials to help you build up your collection or try making your own.


12 Tags Day 10

As always inspired by the Amazing Tim Holtz see his tag here

This tag almost had me completely beat. I made several unsuccessful attempts to do the transfer technique sans packing tape and let’s just say EPIC FAIL! Sooo I spent some time playing with another way to make pendants and ornaments instead.  I did not want to just give up. In frustration I walked away from my very very messy craft space (think Utee sprinkled around like frosted sugar and you will begin to get the picture). I took a time out to catch up on some net stuff and allow the glossy accents to start to dry, and also to change my state of mind. I was feeling very Bah Humbug, uncreative and mojoless. After a while I was curious about how the glossy accents were drying and what the pendant looked like as it dried. All of a sudden I found myself pulling out patterned paper and working on my tag. For me my crafting like my readings is very intuitive. I just needed to stop over thinking things and get back into the flow of creating.

So here is Tag Number 10



Distress ink- winter (all 3)

Home Made Pearl Mist

Aqua Brush

Autumn Leaves Christmas Flourishes

Craft Mat

PP from Kaiser Black and White Timeless Paper Pad (6×6”)

One Mind One Heart Perspex Circle Pendant


Pearl Ex Powder-

Heat Gun

Versa mark Watermark ink Pad

Glossy Accents

Inkadinkado Clear Stamp (if you have rubber stamps this step is better for rubber stamps as it can melt some clear ones)

A cold bottle (like one full of frozen water)

Tag (I used one I had ruined as it is being covered so it is a great way to use up your mistakes)

Foil tape or aluminium foil (known in Australia as Al Foil)

Silver Ribbon
Fancy Edged scissors

  1. Use the versa mark to ink your pendant
  2. Cover in Utee, shake off the excess (I left my pile on the piece of paper and moved it to the side) and heat till it is all melted. Dip into the pile of Utee, press down and heat. Repeat this around 3-4 times till you have built up a nice thick layer. (Alternately If you have a melting pot use that and dip it into the melted Utee)
  3. With a brush on the pearl ex powder where you want the colours to show. Heat allowing it to mix into the Utee. Repeat until you are happy with the colour.
  4. Add another coat of Utee over the top and Heat
  5. Hold the flat side of your stamp against the bottle so that it is cold. (only needed with clear stamps and still no guarantee that the stamp will not melt I got lucky with the Inkadinkado one)
  6. Place stamp on a stamping block.
  7. Heat the Pendant until the Utee is all melted.
  8. Quickly push the stamp into the melted Utee and push down hard as possible
  9. Allow the Utee to cool
  10. Remove the stamp
  11. Cover with Glossy Accents and set aside to dry.
  12. Take your Tag and cover it with your PP
  13.  Fill your aqua brush
  14. Take Festive Berries and tap some onto your craft mat
  15. Add a little water but leave one space with darker ink
  16. Paint the flowers on the PP with the aqua brush, adding darker spots on the flowers to create texture
  17. Clean your Aqua brush and the leftover festive berries off your craft mat (or alternately use it for something else)
  18. Tap your wintergreen onto your craft mat and again mix with a little water
  19. Using your Aqua Brush Paint the leaves of your pp
  20. Allow to dry or heat with your heat gun
  21. Stamp a flourish in each corner with Iced Spruce
  22. Mist with pearl mist
  23. Heat with heat gun (be careful you will notice a couple of small ink run spots on my tag. Look for small pools of the mist and carefully blot them away then dry) till dry.
  24. Repeat the Pearl Mist Step
  25. Fold your foil into a small ish strip and cut with fancy edged scissors
  26. Sepperate your foil pieces
  27. Place a little glossy accents along the edge of your tag and place the fancy edge over the tag (I did this shiny side down for a muted look) press down gently and smooth out the ridges you can.
  28. Trim to size and glue the extra to the back of the tag
  29. Repeat 27 and 28 until the all the edges of the tag are covered and you have a silver boarder around your tag
  30. Place some glossy accents on the back of your Ornament and glue to a piece of foil
  31. With your fancy scissors cut around the ornament leaving a slight boarder
  32. Run some glossy accents around the side and the very top edge of your ornament and gently push the foil around the side and over the top.
  33. Tie some ribbon through your ornament leaving enough so that it will be able to hang on a tree
  34. Place the ribbon through the hole at the top of your tag and tape it to the back leaving enough so the ornament is where you want it to be.
  35. Make a small bow and glue it onto your ornament

And again that is it there isn’t any more J Tag and Gift in One inspired by my Lovely Sister and a card she made