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A little bit of Fairy Amanda Magic

In the form of my new 3 wishes teeny paper bags on etsy.

These small hand made Paper bags contain  special mix of spices, symbols and sparkly wishing glitter to help your wishes come true.

The washi tape in the background is to show you how small these wee bags are the paper bag is 1″square.(click on the photo to buy your own wishes)

Spices to aid in protection, prosperity, spirituality, success, and healing.
Symbols to represent love, music/creativity, luck, and abundance.

These are truly unique.

They are very simple to use simply open your little bag pour the contents on the palm of your hand on a starry night. Close your eyes Make a wish and blow the dust to the stars.

To win your own 3 wishes click here.

A little bit of Art :)

Well actually mainly playing with one of the New Tim Holtz water brushes the fine line one. On one hand Love it when it is not allowing too much water through as it does give great lines at those times see the fence, and some of the reeds and grass to see that.

There are times however even when not squeezed for me at least it just lets out to much water and those fine lines are far to watery and end up blending into the paper.

I guess it is a learning curve, the other water brushes I have are a cheap set off eBay and you often have to squeeze just to let some of the water out. That is definitely a benefit of the Tim Holtz Waterbrush the water flows fairly freely though I did notice at times it dried up and needed a small squeeze to allow some water through. Word of caution do not squeeze too hard or you will get a big drop of water.

Anyway I felt like playing with my watercolours today so I pulled out my large watercolour paper book and then had a play. Using some of the techniques I have played with a little in the past from the How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids book (although I did not reference the book this time and just let my imagination and mind wander and play freehand well free brush)

This is what the results of my play session yielded. Have to say I am quite pleased with the results only one thing really bugs me and that is that the bits of purple in the sky do not really show up in the photo oh and that my watercolour paper seems to disintigrate when I want to layer and such beginning to think I may need to invest in a better quality of watercolour paper