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March Madness

Well Mr Holtz did it again. Another month another fantastic technique.

This month it is paper mosaic. Using the Distress Embossing powder and the heat resistant red tape stuff. As you can guess neither of which are in my stash (I know shock horror right?)

Now unfortunately I did not add enough garnet sand to my modelling paste so you don’t actually see the grittiness I added. I also used a little fired brick re inker. It has been a learning curve and whilst I am happy with the results. The fact the colour bled into the Glossy Accents is definitely a mistake. I chose the quote from one of my Tim Holtz stamp sets as it truly felt very apt.

I went through my 6×6 paper pads to find small patterns and such to work with the technique. I actually made 3 butterflies (the Cuttlebug cut and emboss butterfly is what I used as it is the only one I have other than the 2 step one at present) out of grunge paper of course.

If you are going to use modelling paste for this I have some tips. Do not add your paper mosaic to the wet modelling paste as the colour will leech through. If you have Multi Medium in matt my suggestion is to let it dry overnight then put on a layer of that let it dry then add all your “mosaic “pieces. That should take care of the colour bleeding into the Glossy accent.

I added my mosaic pieces to the wet modelling paste and left the butterflies to dry overnight. Then I did a very thin coat of glossy accents over the paper pieces before coating the whole butterfly and letting them dry. Added some Bella Bling and used a black permanent marker to go around the edges and have them pop off the background more. Also some foam tape to attach them.

The background was something sort of new; I have been playing with this technique with alcohol inks on glossy cardstock. I used the Berry and Fired Brick distress inks and the blending tool. I put the berry at the bottom (totally coat your piece of glossy or in my case semi gloss in the ink), dried it with my heat gun and then did a layer of Fired Brick, and dried it.

Now for the fun part grab your blending solution (this is best with a not so full bottle) and let it drop down onto the ink in different spots. I did this by using two drops in one spot.

I then blotted off the excess ink and repeated this process about 3 times to get the desired effect I wanted. The build up actually allows some of the black and other shades of colour in the ink to show through.

I really need to get more background stamps as I just do not have any texture type ones at present. However what I love most about 12 tags is the fact that I often have to improvise and make use of what I do have.

The quote stamp was simply stamped on using Black Soot Distress ink and the Ranger superfine embossing powder.

Have to say in spite of the mistakes in this one (and I was tempted to re do the butterflies) I am really pleased with how this coaster turned out it is a reminder that even our mistakes can be turned into Art something I know to be true without a doubt.

So here it is My Coaster for March


Hearts and Flowers

So here it is Mr Holtz has presented us with a brand new challenge. Instead of the 12 tags of Christmas (Which in a way I kinda hope he will still do in addition to the monthly tags yes I know I am greedy) we now have the 12 tags of the Year. This begins with the season of Love.

Now I thought about this for a while, a friend said she was going to do a mini album so that nixed that idea, lots of people do cards again nixed that Idea. So I have decided to do Coasters. Now I do have a plan for these but want to leave it a bit before I share what I will be doing with said coasters. After all with 3d elements they will definitely not be for drinks!

For this coaster I used Tim’s Love Stamp, his script one. Stamped onto tissue paper and layered ( I used the Paint Dabbers in Raspberry and pale pink for this and also used them directly onto the stamps). Them over the coaster that I first painted in snow cap.

Once I had done this I used a Cuttlebug Die of Nested Hearts to cut out some cs for the centre heart.

The centre heart is not an even heart. I glued them together onto a chipboard base also cut from the Die. It took a bit of practice to know which way to fold the hearts but once I got it, it was small side to small side and larger side to larger side. Glued them together to make a concertina effect.

Misted with Smooch Spritz Cherry, hand painted each section with Multi Medium, before sprinkling with Red Laser glitter from Stuff by David.

The Flower is made with hand dyed Tattered Inspirations Seam Binding.  This I stitched the bottom of and gathered it to form the flower, then ran the stitches through the bottom. Lastly adding a small Kaiser Rhinestone to the centre.

Winsor & Newton watercolours form the stem and leaves. These were then painted over with Renoir Iridescence Medium, and then traced around with a felt tip pen.

The small hearts are actually foil confetti that I had in my stash. I was not happy with how they looked so I used some more Multi Medium to coat them in the Red glitter then added a little glossy accent

Gold Leaf completes the edges and that is it Viola a Hearts and Flowers Coaster. So here it is:


A little bit of arty fairy fun

In case you haven’t already guessed along with butterflies, fairies are one of my favourite things. This week saw me receive an amazing gift of a full set of Winsor and Newton Half Pan watercolours. Yes I did a happy dance and thanked the person who sent them to me over and over for their generosity as it was totally unexpected. Part of the reason I have been dying to get my hands on some watercolours is that I got this fantastic Children’s book from Fishpond for a bargain$7.16 with free post. The reason I wanted the book was other than it being fairies. I love the funky cute look of it. I have seen some really awesome art journaling with this sort of drawing and painting in it and must confess I have been dying to try it.

This is the book.


Now here is my first attempt


My second


And also a fairy pond scene

What I love about the book is it is super simple. I am not one for having to sit there are pour over something to read for hours and hours, nor do I like to copy stuff over and over as another book I got recently has as it’s format.

All you need is some watercolours and a black felt tip pen. That is it.

For me I know I am totally looking forward to playing more and learning to use my watercolours in other ways.
For me Art and craft is about exploration and playing. I don’t always think what I do is very good or brilliant or arty. But I enjoy the process.

As for my fairies I know I need to look where I am putting my lines more, pay attention to where their wings are and such and perhaps overcrowd the picture a little less.

However it was fun and the end result for a first effort is pretty good and what I wanted to be able to do.

Sometimes I think grown up books make things far more complex than they need to be. When things are simple, we tend to pick up and develop them faster as well as to change them and put our own unique spin on them.

I know a lot of people would turn their noses up and go children’s book however I loved the cover and I have learned a long time ago to trust my intuition. I am ever so glad I did with this book as I love it. I look forward to trying some of the other techniques in it.

May you be inspired to new creative heights.


Hand Dyed Recycled Flowers

Hi and welcome back to Heavenly Craftings today’s tutorial is a very simple Child friendly one.

You only need a few Materials and the results will amaze you. This is a great way to recycle old books that are just lying around. Great for both the environmentally conscious crafter and the budget crafter.

Some flowers made using the end product of this technique


YouTube Tutorial (please like and subscribe to my ever evolving channel)

So let’s get to it.


Flower Dies

An old romance novel

A die cutting machine

Assorted Distress Re-Inkers

A plate or shallow container

A water mister


How to:Photobucket  Tear out your book pages into sets of 8 pages (you will only need about 6 sets to make plenty of flowers.

Photobucket2.       Choose your flower dies and arrange them onto your die cutting machine plate

Arrange as many as you can and then cover with the book paper and cut them out. Do this until you have a nice pile of flowers


 Mist your container until rivulets form

  Drop in a few drops of each colour of Re-inker into your container

  Mist your container over the re inkers until the drops start to bleed into each other.

      Scatter your flowers over the ink until you have a thick layer of flowers and cannot see any ink

 Mist the flowers until they are all well dampened

Push down on the flowers to allow them to absorb all the ink.


Allow them to soak up the ink for a few minute


Turn the flowers over and mist them generously again


Push down on the flowers

Take your flowers and separate them onto your craft mat. You can leave some in clumps of a flower type.


Allow to dry  overnight or place in small batches in a box and dry with your heat gun


These make great rolled roses, scrunched flowers or individual blossoms.

Now for the give away! There is a bag of Mixed Dyed Blossoms ready for you to make your own flowers ( a combination of the ones Tiana made on youtube and others I have made using this technique) Just comment on this post for your chance to win

Secondly there is a Bag of Undyed flowers up for grabs simply follow this blog and go into the draw

I will leave this open till just after New Year 🙂