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An Art Workshop

I have to be honest and say I had no idea where we were headed or what the day would entail.

It was such an amazing surprise to learn we were at one of Arthur Boyd’s properties that he left in Trust to be used as artist retreats and so forth.

here is the beautiful view from Riversdale (it was a really glarey day so hard to get a really wonderful pic) It is so majestic and breathtaking it is easy to see why These properties have become such a beacon to artists of all ages.
The first part of the workshop we chose some native bits to inspire us and to draw (the scary part about this is that we were not given pencils and erasers but black felt tip pens)

Here is what I used to inspire me


and my drawing (I was still drawing when it was taken away and photo copied in 2 smaller sizes)

with the etching acetate over the middle sized photocopy


Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the etching plastic scratched and uninked or the printed images (I will have to add a photo of the printed images later)


and because we had extra time we played a bit with watercolours I just coloured one of my photo copies as I did not want to ruin any of my prints I have an idea in mind for at least one of them.


and that is it there isn’t any more (well there is more projects to share but I have to wait for them to arrive/until after the event before I can show them off)