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12 Tags Day 11

Of Course all this is Inspired by Tim Holtz see todays tag here:

Hi there

For anyone reading this blog I figured I should tell you a little about my crafty self. First and foremost I work on a budget, rarely get to buy things when they first come out and often have to bargain hunt to make my limited craft money stretch. So I tend to invest in re usable items such as inks, dies, or bulk lots such as the 2mm rhinestones.

As for today’s tag as I am already on overtime with my net I will have to watch the tutorial video next week after my new net month begins. So today yet again finds me improvising and playing. It was a lot of fun, a bit of frustration and honestly I love the result so the time and effort to hand Bling the flourish I feel is well worth it. So hard to believe that we are at the last day of 12 Tags soon it has flown by in a creative whirlwind. I for one can not wait to see what the last tag will be.

So here is tag 11:


Printworks Silver Vellum Christmas Sticker

Polyshrink in Clear

Tim Holtz- Blending tool, solution and foam

– Alcohol ink in cranberry

– Iced Spruce Ink

– Snow Cap Paint Dabber

– Glossy Accents

– Re-inkers in Broken china and milled lavender

2mm Rhinestones (as mentioned before I got these in bulk off eBay 20k for around $5 inc postage and use these to do homemade flourishes)

Heat Gun

CB Cut and Emboss Butterfly

Water Mister

Autumn Leaves Christmas Flourishes

Manilla Tag

1. Dab some snow cap onto your craft mat and dab around some broken china and a drop or three of milled lavender (I know it doesn’t show up it turns the broken china a kind of funky teal colour) Spritz with water and run your tag through it (like we have all done many times this week)

2. Dry with your heat gun (careful to dab any pools of liquid first)

3. Use the Water Splatter technique that Tim Holtz has instructions for on many of the 12 tags

4. Dry with your heat gun, splatter again if you feel it is necessary

5. Cut out 5 butterflies from clear shrink film (I did extra just in case)

6. Use your blending tool covered with cranberry alcohol ink and a couple of dabs of gold. Drop a drop of blending solution into the gold spots. Colour your butterflies with this. Adding more when needed or a little blending solution

7. Grab some tweezers and your heat gun (you will need to do one butterfly at a time if you want to shape them I suggest wearing rubber gloves if you don’t want to burn yourself). Place the tweezers gently on one of the butterflies and heat it with the heat tool

8. When it has shrunk. Pick up the butterfly and shape it with your fingers, I folded mine up towards the centre and shaped the wings. If it sets to fast re heat and try again. Do this for all of your butterflies

9. Stamp your flourish with Iced spruce onto the top corner of your tag (if you have loads of already made rhinestone flourishes in your stash use one of those)

10. Spread a little glossy accents along your flourish and place your rhinestones on top of it (I use superfine nail art tweezers) and repeat until your flourish is completely covered

11. Using a little glossy accents and your rhinestones glue a line of them inside your butterflies as their bodies

12. Using a little glossy accents on the bottom of them glue your butterflies in place (I used the ends of the flourish)

13. Attach your Merry Christmas Sticker

And that’s all there is to it.

12 Tags Day 8 mark 2

Ok so I could not help myself I had to do it.

See here for the Original Tag 8 that Tim Holtz Did Yesterday

Here is my Vintage Version


Materials Used:

Tim Holtz –

-Blending tool and 2 pieces of felt

– Paint Dabber Snow Cap

– Distress ink in Vintage Photograph, Walnut stain and Tea Dye

– Lots and found stamps (I used the people one) and regal flourishes (the corner flourish)

-Glossy Accents

-On the Edge Die Cogs, as well as clock and gears Die cut from both thin and thicker chipboard

Versa mark Watermark Ink pad

Kaiser clear stamps: December 25th and After 5

A small piece of vintage lace (it is hidden beneath the cogs just barely showing)

White Tissue Paper

Staz on Jet Black

Monte Marte Willow Charcoal (any soft charcoal is good note hard charcoal will not give the right effect here)

Manilla Tag

Heat Gun

Utee Clear

Extra Manilla (I used the other side of a tag I ruined so as not to waste it)

Claudine Hellmoth Matt Multi Medium

Mini Mister Bottle

Vintage Looking Brad

  1. See the background Technique from Tim Holtz for Day 8. I  used snow cap paint dabber as I do not own the stain yet, After you colour your tag you will need to re stamp your top corner again as the vintage photograph and tea dye ink will seep into the paint and you want it a crisper white image
  2. Prep all your chipboard Pieces (I cut the cogs off the on the edge piece and discarded the edge piece) by dabbing with Snow cap (I roughly cut the clock to fit and left a little at each edge to trim off at the end)
  3. Ink over the chipboard using either vintage photograph or tea dye. I used walnut stain on the clock hands to give them a different look. You want to do this so there are little areas of white showing. Dab off the excess ink.
  4. Using your charcoal run it around all the edges of your chipboard pieces making sure to get a thin dark edge
  5. Using a tissue or your fingers rub the charcoal into your chipboard by pulling it towards the centre of your chipboard. This gives a gritty sooty look to your vintage work and you will not get this look with ink or other means
  6. Using your charcoal go around the edge of your tag and smudge it in.
  7. Using the Claudine Hellmoth  multi medium in matt do a thin coat on each chipboard piece
  8. Then either use glossy accents, triple thick or Utee (I used Utee I wanted to put it all together) to coat all chipboard pieces
  9. Using walnut stain stamp the Lost and Found stamp with the People on it onto a small piece of Tissue Paper and heat with heat gun
  10. Tear off the excess tissue paper from around your image
  11. On the inked side paint with multi medium as quick as you can (or the image will start to smear)
  12. Place on tag inked side down and gently smooth out
  13. Paint matt multi medium over the top and allow to dry
  14. Stamp your tickets on the Manilla
  15. Ink them
  16. Create a mist by mixing 4 drops of vintage photograph with water in your mini mister and spray over tags.
  17. Dry with heat gun and fussy cut the tags out
  18. Ink and spray till your happy with how aged and worn the tickets look
  19. Go around the edges of the tickets with charcoal and smudge in
  20. Glue into place hanging off the edge of the tag
  21. Mist a piece of vintage lace with the vintage photograph mist. Blot with Paper towel and repeat this. Then Dry carefully with heat gun or wait for it to dry naturally
  22. Glue in place at the bottom of your tag
  23. Place your cogs and gears where you want them and glue down with glossy accents
  24. Place your clock where you want it and glue into place (Note I made sure one of the gaps in the clock was over the tags hole)
  25. Put a hole where you want your clock hands and insert your brad through them. Then through the tag and push the brad flat at the back of the tag.
  26. Position your clock hands where you would like them to point

And that’s all there is there isn’t any more.

12 Tags Day 7

Inspired by Tim Holtz
 photo tag7.jpg
You may be wondering why I am not putting ribbon and charms through the top of my tags. I am putting them onto a huge jump ring sort of like a lose mini album.

Tim Holtz –Blending tool

– Paint Dabber Snow Cap

– Re inkers in Vintage Photo and Antique Linen

– Alcohol ink in Ginger, Lettuce and Gold

– Glossy Accents

-Blending Solution

Cake decorating tools

Rubber mat

Craft Mat

Water Mister

Baking Paper

Kaiser Latte Pearls

Prima Say it in Crystals (not sure which one sorry it was in a pile of Bling)

Heat Gun

Heidi Swapp Edge Distresser

Christmas Seal Sticker

Manilla Tag

Die-Namics Die 5 petal flowers (is a 3 one) sorry I looked for the name but cannot find the die at present

Now this did present a challenge to me not owning any glassine. So here is my faux (a lot lighter and similar but very different) Glassine technique


  1. Tear off a length of baking paper (don’t go to big with this as you will be alcohol inking for a very very very long time if you do. I did enough to make about 4 flowers with 2 of each of the larger size petals and one of the teeny petal to hug the pearl)
  2. Scrunch it up into a small ball, and then repeat until you are happy with the crinkles on your Baking Paper
  3. Spread it out on your craft sheet and flatten it out as much as possible (DO NOT IRON IT FLAT or you will only get an very very very light version when you ink it and it will take way more alcohol ink)
  4. Generously ink your felt with ginger alcohol ink and swipe it in long strokes over your baking paper (have your heat tool handy and ready to go)
  5. Heat with your heat tool. Do not be alarmed at how much seeps into the baking paper, Repeat this process until you are happy with the depth of your Brown inked lines (use your blending solution when needed)
  6. Flip over your baking paper (do not do this on the same side as the colour will blend into the darkest one) and take your lettuce alcohol ink. Ink a new felt with this and repeat the process until you’re happy with the depth of colour. Do not expect this to go as dark as glassine it more tints the baking paper
  7. Do a final coat over your lettuce of gold (I did mine by using a fresh felt and adding the gold mixative and dabbing a little blending soloution in the middle of each one) then heat and repeat if you want a bit more depth and shimmer

Now for the actual Tag

  1.  Use the background technique from Day 4 and also posted on today’s tag (if you do not have the distress stains see my day 4 post for how I did this and substitute the blues for shades of brown and use a little more snow cap)
  2. Fold your baking paper to fit your die (you can cut quite a few flowers at once)  and roll through your die cutting machine (I have a bug and  used the c, b and a plates)
  3. Now make your flowers by using 2 of each of the larger sizes and one of the smallest flowers. Use your ball tool and push it into the centre of each petal and pull back towards you. Do this for each petal.
  4. Assemble your flower with a small dot of glossy accents in the middle. Place each petal in-between the outer petals. Then finish with a large latte pearl in the centre
  5. Cut your say it in crystals into two pieces (I do this so that the flowers do not hide too much of the Bling) I had also cut some off this to use in other projects. This was a corner one. Decide where you want to position the flourishes and stick them down.
  6. Bunch up 3 of your flowers. I used a little glossy accents on the sides to glue them together. Then place a little underneath to secure them onto your tag
  7. Place your other flower at the top right corner and glue in place
  8. Add your Christmas sticker or stamps

The hardest part of this for me was experimenting to get a faux glassine. It will never be as dark as the original however I am really pleased with the result.  Let me know if you think I should do a YouTube tutorial on this or using cake decorating tools to give your paper flowers shape.