First Bear of 2013

Last year I had a mishap, my bear pattern pieces went everywhere and I have not in all honesty found everything so have not been focused on bears for a while.

However I got a commission and lucky for me have a few cut out and stashed around the place.

This 8″ Shulte Mohair Bear is a Baby Shower Gift and I am sure will be well loved.

 photo firstbear2013_zps083a1d23.jpg

Tattered Florals Challenge

I was so excited to see when Tim Holtz announced his Tattered Floral Challenge. I got the Die off my Sister for Christmas last year.

I had so many ideas go through my mind, another one of my pretty hair accessories, a bouquet, something to wear, the possibilities were only limited by imagination and resources.

As the entries started to pour in. I wanted something truly unique, something no one else would do.

A 4″ tall tattered floral Bear!

 photo TatteredfloralBear_zps04c2562e.jpg

Sooo the idea for a new flower bear was born. This one has the fabric hand coloured with Colour Washes (one stream mixed with mowed lawn distress re inker to make it a bit more green and stem/leaf like). The challenge was that I still can not find my mini bear joints and eyes no matter how much I search and search for them. So this bear is string jointed and the eyes are pearls covered in Stream Alcohol ink.

What I love about these bears is the fact that their bodies are like the stem of the flower with their little faces blossoming in the center of the flower.

To get the flower I stamped Tim’s Flutter ATC stamp over the fabric with Archivals Jet black. Then used some colour washes (stream, butterscotch, purple twilight and cranberry they sort of all melded together in the fabric I had) and added some fabric stiffner to the flower. I used one of the other flowers to create the leaves by misting with the leftover mix of stream colour wash and mowed lawn re-inker,

I also misted white pearl cotton with butterscotch to create the bears nose and mouth. The head is also misted in butterscotch.

I used Tim’s paper twine split in two to wrap around the bears legs to give a sort of viney roots look.
here are some more pics of The Tattered Floral Bear.

I love how quirky and funny this is. It was how I left the bear to dry overnight so the bottom leaves would stick and not fall off

 photo tfupsidedown_zps8b804e5d.jpg

and a couple in a wee flowerpot I have with a colour wash next to her to show you just how teeny she really is:

 photo tf4_zpsec19aa09.jpg

 photo TF2_zps8a1ac651.jpg

10 Years of Bearmaking

I actually got my years confused and it turns out this year marks the 10th anniversary of me as a bear artist. So in celebration I am sharing some of my bears with you starting with Peaches a bear I made from a kit and the very first bear I ever made

She is the one in the middle


now our journey takes us to Eloise ( I was encouraged to create my own patterns very early on so only ever made one or two commercial pattern bears) She was the first bear I ever designed from scratch, somehow she worked and I created my signature heart nose at the time most people did heart shaped noses as an oval with a dip in the center. She is still a part of my hug to this day


I have no idea of the order I created my bears in but I am going to share some of my bears along my 10 year journey.

Harlequin was made from a pattern but holds a place in my heart for being my very first clown bear


The Centeddial Fairy made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the creation of the Teddy Bear is one of the few I have made from plush rather than mohair or curtain fabric.


Meet Bruce the very first of my fat bellied bears Belinda of sugar shack surprise bears taught me how to get the belly shape and it has always helped me to get a fat tummy if I want one.


now at that same show I met her I had entered Sky Cloudwalker (can you believe I lost points for the nose because it was not uniform when is a cloud uniform?)

Skye Cloudwalker

so that is my beginnings although I do have some more favorites to share with you from those times look out for the next post

A very Special Bear

I finished this wee 3″ bear last week but had to wait for her to arrive to her new owner before I could share her.

This wee Angel was made for a very special Lady, as a gift. After all we all need an angel at times to watch over us. As yet the bear is Un named and I do feel that the Lady in question should name her, though I rather thought ‘Jelly Bean’ or ‘Hope’ might be good names for her.


Suitcases, Clowns, Mario and Tim

It has been an Amazing week (or so). With lots of creativity and things I just could not share until they had been given to who they were intended for.

So I have been trying to work out how to do these blogs.

Lets start at the Gifts and work our way through the Packaging then to the recipients. I think in order is probably less confusing for everyone including Me.

It started with the Distress Clowns. I was very lucky to get to go to the T!m Holtz Artful flight workshop in Sydney. Now if you look back to my last 12 Tag’s of Christmas Post you will see a wee bear on my Tag who is Named Tim. I did consider giving him to Tim however I just could not bear to part with him. The Pattern he is made from is now called ‘Tim’ as I always name my patterns after the first bear made from them.

So I decided to Make a wee (they are 3” tall) bear for both Tim and Mario (after all Mario brings us so much sunshine with behind the scenes and brings us all into Tim’s world I thought a small token of thanks was in order). These little bears Insisted they wanted to be Clowns, I was set to just give them a Mini Bear and leave it at that. In distress colours of course (wonder when we will get Colour Washes and Paint Dabbers in the Distress colour palette). However as my bears sometimes do they told me they wanted to be clowns.

So a grungeboard circle for a hat (painted in snow cap, with Baby Blue stickles and inked in squeezed lemonade), hand Misted Fabric in Squeezed Lemonade  and Broken China. With Seam Binding in Festive Berries and Peacock Feathers. I then went a little Nuts, I hand dyed the Nose thread to co ordinate but was not quite happy with the results soooo I then Created a glaze with a very very small amount of re-inker and some glossy accents. Which I then used on the clowns noses and also dipped the rhinestones in (told you I went a bit nuts). There is a product called Nose shine however it can be a little sticky. I really love how the glossy accents looked and how hard it sets so will be doing this again in the future (for some reason my brain has gone to the I want to do a distress clown for every colour of distress ink however I think I might get bored with that will see how I feel about it as I am bear making). I should also add these bears are made from recycled curtain fabric that would otherwise end up as landfill. Just in case the Distress did not make them cool enough already!

And here are the Clowns (after all Mario and Tim always look like they have fun and ‘Clown around’)

Next came the how do I package the bears. Yes I could have just wrapped them up and handed them over but where is the fun in that. So I have been working on a suitcase box tutorial for a friend. Using my Score board. (If you do not have one I highly recommend one) I will be posting up a step by step tutorial for this soon. The best thing about the box is its very economical just one sheet of Cardstock, a 5” x12” strip of patterned paper (that is optional), 10 small brads, some crackle paint, adhesive and Ribbon or faux upholstery suede(from a reverse cycle garbage place and saved from ending up as landfill), and a couple of buckles, as well as some small Sizzix Tags using Kraft core.I will also be adding a small piece of grungepaper to help make the back sturdier (Lesson learnt from the fact they got a smidge squished on the way to Sydney)

Sooo here are the Suitcase Boxes




Now Let’s start with Mario’s Reaction even though he opened his second. There are less photos. I love how delighted He was with the bear and you will see a fantastic reaction as he opens his present.





And Now for Tim opening his Bear 🙂 The whole moment is some what surreal I remember hearing words like wow and cool but honestly not much else. But I think the facial expressions as its being opened say a lot more than I can remember right now.






What I learned Both Tim and Mario exude gratitude and Joy, so never be afraid to give them something you have made. They take as much delight in it as you do. Next post will be all about the workshop.

And that’s all there is there isn’t any more for now 🙂

A Very Special Bear

Today I am such a proud Aunty. My eldest niece turned 16 today. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl. As she already has her gift from me I can share it with you all. I am so happy with how her present turned out. This is the first OOaK signature bear I have made. Not only did I make the bear from one of my own unique patterns I also made the pendant from memory glass.  The bear is as yet unnamed so for now meet ‘Sweetie’


Finally Able to share the comission bear and a new flower fairy as well

So you will see a few blog posts over the comming week as I am quite a way behind. Possibly even more so once Creative Chemistry starts next week.

However I am endevouring to catch up.


‘Freddy’ as I have been told he has been named has arrived safe and sound to his new family in the USA.

So here is Freddy complete with a bow tie cause well let’s face it “bow ties are cool”





And also a shot of him with the card I made to go with him



Just a very simple short blog to share him with you all as I am so pleased with how he turned out.


Also meet a 3” flower fairy I created using recycled curtain fabric (misted with the leftover stormy sky from the ballerina bears accessories), some misted rose petals (misted with smooch spritz wine berry along with the flowers on her head) that I hand glittered to match her wings which I got at spotlight, complete with handmade miniature rose circlet and a wee butterfly sitting on a flower on her hand