Mini Album Class

This year I started volunteering to teach craft to people with mental illness. Like Me and I am sure many a crafter.

The degrees of mental illness and ability vary, so the challenge for me is to make it fun, easy enough for everyone to be able to grasp, but also challenging enough so that each thing we create does not bore those with more ability or make them feel like I am talking down to them.

For the most part I am teaching Non Crafter’s. People who truly believe they are not creative. I believe there is no such thing because everyone can do something even if it is just stamp onto a piece of cardstock.

Our resources are Limited. So I always try and think of things that are not resource heavy and that can be either used by the person making it or given as a gift.

I tend to go towards the gift giving side of things for the reason that at the end of each project coming out of it with something to give family and friends is a very good feeling. Each small win helps boost a persons confidence and that is no small thing when you are suffering with Mental Illness.

So This Album idea was created.

I made kits up and the extras will go into my etsy store at the end of this week. The Album itself is from the Quickutz Santa’s workshop die set, I use quickutz and Tim Holtz Dies within the album. Various Distress Inks, Foil Tape, Glimmer Screens, gel medium and glitter. As well as various quote stamps and a fiskars circle punch.

Album Cover photo classminicover_zps50dd5395.jpg

For the cover We used the Tim Holtz spritz and flick technique with water. Blended layered inking over the branch, as well as on the birds using pom poms instead of blending tools (I just don’t have enough to go around and craft pom poms when on sale are a cheap alternative) It was also a good lesson on placement and using up space.

 photo classmini1stpage_zpsf42173f3.jpg

The first page used the spritz and flick technique again and also a little inking.

Middle Pages photo classmini2ndpages_zpsc68d2d23.jpg

The next pages use a technique with gel medium, stencils and glitter. It was actually one of the more successful things with my group as they really enjoyed it and it was quite simple for them to do.

 photo classminipage3_zpse4868742.jpg

The cogs and gears covered with foil tape was a little bit of a challenge the first time round. it is a little fiddly however when I gave everyone a toothpick to push the foil through to the other side (the non display side) it seemed to go a lot smoother. My group still have the sanding part of this one to do.

 photo classminipage4_zpse01551c5.jpg

some more inking and placement.

and finally

 photo classminilastpage_zps9b9bff23.jpg

Yep even more inking (after all practice makes perfect)

I love how this turned out each page stands on it’s own, each person has room to use whichever quotes they wish in whatever order, choose their own colour combos etc. I know it’s quite structured but not rigidly so.

So far there has not been a mistake that has not been able to be turned into a different take on the album page that it is on.

I keep reminding my class there are no mistakes not really, as crafting can be very forgiving and adaptable in that sense.

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