SYS Day 2 Another Technique

I am another Card Down Yay (about like 30 to go seriously behind in my homework as such it is going to be a very very busy weekend of card making to catch up.)

Being me you know that I can not just copy or slightly tweak what we are learning in this awesome class (seriously $22 well spent).

So instead of cutting out a rectangle space I did a flower. I also gold leafed the edge (for anyone who is like erm I thought you were a budget crafter how can you afford gold leaf try looking for gold leaf internationally on ebay. My sister and I went halves in 500 sheets of 4″ squares so I got 250 of them for around $10-15(including post I always add in the postage costs to my purchases otherwise some things are just not the bargain they appear to be) and I have been using them for a few years now and have yet to even come close to running out so a great group buy as such).

So enough rambling here is another Card (I will admit that card making is not my specialty however I am rather pleased with the end result of this one)


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