Artful Flight


It started with a gift. A friend who knew I would move heaven and earth and scrimp and save to be able to go to this workshop simply gifted me the money to go. I wanted him to buy bears, or have me make an album for his new nephew or something but he insisted and I was told I was not allowed to argue.

Then in the mail a couple of weeks ago I find compendium of Curiosities (my sister and I had gotten the second one which arrived the same day) a gift from another friend.

To say these gestures are ones I am grateful for is an understatement. Somewhere I really must have a stash of amazing Karma and a team of Angels and Fairies helping me along.

Then my Mother floors me by insisting on helping me pay for accommodation because I had concerns about doing the whole thing as a day trip though figured it wouldn’t kill me so I could at least try. So the only real money I had to spend this trip was food. Everything else was covered

I know I am one of the luckiest Women in the world who at times this past month or so has been so full of love and gratitude for the help I have received to get to artful flight it has moved me to tears.

So amongst the 3 days spent making 2 little distress clowns, the night of making the suitcase boxes and packaging up the bears, the packing, the hair colouring and all the stuff us women do when we are going somewhere special the time arrived for the trip to Sydney.

After tossing and turning for 3hrs I got up a bit earlier than intended and got myself ready to catch the train at 7.30am the taxi was here to pick me up and the Journey began (mind you the train did not leave till 8.20am but I always believe in being early just in case you get held up somewhere)

3-4hrs and 2 trains and a bus later I was at Coogee with time to spare. So I took myself to lunch and this is the view as I was eating (yes I know spoilt much)

Then it was off to the Workshop, lots of standing around excitedly talking to Alain (for anyone who has not watched Mr Extreme Stickler on youtube DO IT DO IT NOW!) and then My Sister arrived and we had a bit more waiting and then we were let into the workshop room!
Here’s me at the workshop desk


here is the Maestro at work

The time flew by and before we knew it it was time to let our Artful Flight Projects Dry
Here is mine with a few Amanda Twists (anyone who knows me knows me changing things around a bit was inevitable after all I always have to be different and yes I can see some of you who know me rolling your eyes at me)


Then it was Meet and greet and Photo Time

The first Photo is of Me with Mr Extreme Stickler (I know his name is Alain but seriously that is what I call him) He got us so good on the way out of the workshop as well. We told him he needs to bring Tim back at least once a year if not once every two years and he said “We will be back in September” of course our faces lit up like Christmas Trees and we were all “are you serious” and he laughed and was like “no” sniff how cruel was that, funny to them but you just can’t mess with the heart of us Tim Holtz Scrapbooker’s that way soo mean lol


Next with Mario the man who allows us all the behind the scenes glimpses into Tims world who quietly and efficently cleans up as we get our craft on and who brings such sunshine and joy into our lives.


and Next Tim signing my books and tote bag (sniff which I found out when I got home has a hole in it but its signed by Tim thats the important bit)




and Lastly a photo of Tim with Myself and my very talented sister aka the Crafty Crafter


then it was off to my Hotel and home again late monday with a stop at Lincraft and such

What an amazing and unforgetable adventure and that’s all there is there isn’t anymore 🙂

4 thoughts on “Artful Flight

  1. Thanks for sharing your great time – not been lucky enough to get to one of these workshops but one day I will

    • your most welcome. I am sure you will get to I was so lucky am not sure I would have got to do it without all the people that helped me get there. He goes to the UK a lot so I do hope you get to do a workshop at some point 🙂

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