Creative Chemistry 101 Day 1 and 2


I am so excited to be participating in Tim Holtz’ s Creative Chemistry 101 online class and as the first week is already over you can see I am quite far behind on my blog posts. So there will be a few posts in a row bear with me please.

Day one was very much about getting to know our stash better and such so nothing to show for day one. If you follow my blog or know my bears and other endeavours you know I am quite well versed on experimenting  with my supplies.

Day 2 is where the fun began. For me I read through the PDF instructions and then go play as I have limited net I need to wait till after midnight to download the classes this can be good and bad I forget a lot of what I read sometimes as you will see in my next post. I also then get to put my own spin on things.

Day 2’s techniques were Blended Distress/Spritz & Flick Technique


Brushless watercolour


And  Wrinkle free Distress


the first 3 tags together


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