12 Tags Day 10

As always inspired by the Amazing Tim Holtz see his tag here

This tag almost had me completely beat. I made several unsuccessful attempts to do the transfer technique sans packing tape and let’s just say EPIC FAIL! Sooo I spent some time playing with another way to make pendants and ornaments instead.  I did not want to just give up. In frustration I walked away from my very very messy craft space (think Utee sprinkled around like frosted sugar and you will begin to get the picture). I took a time out to catch up on some net stuff and allow the glossy accents to start to dry, and also to change my state of mind. I was feeling very Bah Humbug, uncreative and mojoless. After a while I was curious about how the glossy accents were drying and what the pendant looked like as it dried. All of a sudden I found myself pulling out patterned paper and working on my tag. For me my crafting like my readings is very intuitive. I just needed to stop over thinking things and get back into the flow of creating.

So here is Tag Number 10



Distress ink- winter (all 3)

Home Made Pearl Mist

Aqua Brush

Autumn Leaves Christmas Flourishes

Craft Mat

PP from Kaiser Black and White Timeless Paper Pad (6×6”)

One Mind One Heart Perspex Circle Pendant


Pearl Ex Powder-

Heat Gun

Versa mark Watermark ink Pad

Glossy Accents

Inkadinkado Clear Stamp (if you have rubber stamps this step is better for rubber stamps as it can melt some clear ones)

A cold bottle (like one full of frozen water)

Tag (I used one I had ruined as it is being covered so it is a great way to use up your mistakes)

Foil tape or aluminium foil (known in Australia as Al Foil)

Silver Ribbon
Fancy Edged scissors

  1. Use the versa mark to ink your pendant
  2. Cover in Utee, shake off the excess (I left my pile on the piece of paper and moved it to the side) and heat till it is all melted. Dip into the pile of Utee, press down and heat. Repeat this around 3-4 times till you have built up a nice thick layer. (Alternately If you have a melting pot use that and dip it into the melted Utee)
  3. With a brush on the pearl ex powder where you want the colours to show. Heat allowing it to mix into the Utee. Repeat until you are happy with the colour.
  4. Add another coat of Utee over the top and Heat
  5. Hold the flat side of your stamp against the bottle so that it is cold. (only needed with clear stamps and still no guarantee that the stamp will not melt I got lucky with the Inkadinkado one)
  6. Place stamp on a stamping block.
  7. Heat the Pendant until the Utee is all melted.
  8. Quickly push the stamp into the melted Utee and push down hard as possible
  9. Allow the Utee to cool
  10. Remove the stamp
  11. Cover with Glossy Accents and set aside to dry.
  12. Take your Tag and cover it with your PP
  13.  Fill your aqua brush
  14. Take Festive Berries and tap some onto your craft mat
  15. Add a little water but leave one space with darker ink
  16. Paint the flowers on the PP with the aqua brush, adding darker spots on the flowers to create texture
  17. Clean your Aqua brush and the leftover festive berries off your craft mat (or alternately use it for something else)
  18. Tap your wintergreen onto your craft mat and again mix with a little water
  19. Using your Aqua Brush Paint the leaves of your pp
  20. Allow to dry or heat with your heat gun
  21. Stamp a flourish in each corner with Iced Spruce
  22. Mist with pearl mist
  23. Heat with heat gun (be careful you will notice a couple of small ink run spots on my tag. Look for small pools of the mist and carefully blot them away then dry) till dry.
  24. Repeat the Pearl Mist Step
  25. Fold your foil into a small ish strip and cut with fancy edged scissors
  26. Sepperate your foil pieces
  27. Place a little glossy accents along the edge of your tag and place the fancy edge over the tag (I did this shiny side down for a muted look) press down gently and smooth out the ridges you can.
  28. Trim to size and glue the extra to the back of the tag
  29. Repeat 27 and 28 until the all the edges of the tag are covered and you have a silver boarder around your tag
  30. Place some glossy accents on the back of your Ornament and glue to a piece of foil
  31. With your fancy scissors cut around the ornament leaving a slight boarder
  32. Run some glossy accents around the side and the very top edge of your ornament and gently push the foil around the side and over the top.
  33. Tie some ribbon through your ornament leaving enough so that it will be able to hang on a tree
  34. Place the ribbon through the hole at the top of your tag and tape it to the back leaving enough so the ornament is where you want it to be.
  35. Make a small bow and glue it onto your ornament

And again that is it there isn’t any more J Tag and Gift in One inspired by my Lovely Sister and a card she made

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