Tag 9 Mark 2 Get Ready to Sparkle

Today’s technique reminded me of one using glitter and Jac Paper. So inspired by Tim’s tag today these are a glitter version of a similar style background technique. You could also use flock instead of glitter.




Superfine glitter (Mine is stuff by David’s: Metallic Red and Moonlight Snow)


Jac Paper

Glimmer Screen

Mambi Softly spoken stickers from sugarplum collection

Felt and foil rub on’s

Festive Berries Distress Ink.

  1. Cover your tag with Jac Paper and trim to size
  2. Chose your glimmer screen, remove top piece off the Jac paper and press it down firmly being careful not to touch the exposed sticky bits
  3. Sprinkle over your glitter till the tag is covered


  1. Pick up the tag with the glimmer screen still attached and shake off excess glitter (put glitter back in container I use a piece of paper to glitter over to save mess and make for easy return of excess)
  2. Peel off your glimmer screen and sprinkle over your other colour of glitter then shake off excess. Yes it really is that simple and looks great when done. Here are two examples of the backgrounds I created reversing which order I did the colours in


  1. Add embellishments and viola tag done.


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