12 Tags Day 4

I should start off by saying Day 4 presented many challenges for me. Mostly with the crackle and staining crackle. The Rock candy did not for some reason want to stay stuck to the grungeboard and then the Glossy Crackle only crackled at the edges of the butterfly. I discovered you cant really stain the rock candy with re inkers, however I did get some fun shards that I could not bare to waste and used some of on the second tag. So this is Day 4’s efforts a little late in posting the pics and blog but here none the less 🙂


Materials (this is the list for both tags as I used a lot of things the same for both of them)

Snow Cap paint Dabber

Distress Re-Inkers- Chipped Sapphire, Broken China and stormy sky

Water Mister


Inkadinkado Dot Flourishes stamps

Glue (I use ultimate crafters glue that has been watered down a bit to make it more liquid)

2mm clear rhinestones (If you search these on eBay on worldwide you will find some great deals I think I got 20k for about $4-5)

Snowflake stamps

Distress Ink Iced Spruce

Colour box white ink

Heat Gun

Rock candy distress crackle

Glossy Accents Crackle

2 Manilla tags (I made my own from a manila folder)

Grunge Paper

CB Cut and Emboss Butterflies (I cut 3 just in case I wrecked one)

Dress it Up Buttons in Christmas theme

Moonlight Snow Glitter

Homemade Light Pearl Mist

Vintage Button

Kaiser Pearls Chocolate

Let’s start with Tag one and then I will do instructions for tag 2 Based on Techniques and the Inspiration (as always) of Tim Holtz http://timholtz.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/12/12-tags-of-christmastag-4.html

Step 1. Use the Same Background technique that Tim Holtz uses. For me I do not have any of the stains so alternately Dab your snow cap onto your craft mat, Spritz with water and mix with the snow cap. Dot around your 3 colours of re inkers and swipe your tag through (I used the leftovers to Ink the second tag after I swiped the first, do not be alarmed if you do not get as much colour variation second time round I just do not like to waste resources as I scrap on a tight budget)

Step 2: Allow to dry. Spritz tag with water and sponge off excess (I did this twice but if you only do it once you will get more  of the splatter effect when you do Tim’s water flinging technique)

Step 3. Use Tim Holtz’s water flinging technique and allow the tag to dry

Step 4. Using white Pigment ink stamp a flourish onto your tag (alternately you can use a crystal flourish of your choosing). Allow to dry. Then add rhinestones over areas of the Flourish (I used nail art tweezers and glue with 2mm rhinestones) and finish with a vintage button (mine was a shank button I cut off the shank and filed the remains down to make it flat)

Step5. Stamp snowflakes in the top left corner with iced spruce.

Step 6. This step is really messy so I suggest using rubber gloves or doing this between two pieces of paper. I however used my hands. Take a strip of tulle scrunch it up and drop a few drops of Stormy Sky re inker. Now rub it in by rolling it around in your hands or between two sheets of paper. I used a piece of paper towel to remove excess off my hands. The idea is that you are tinting the tulle.

Step 7. Shred your tulle and create a small bunch. I knotted mine, punched a hole in the left side of the tag where you want your tulle to start from. Poke the knot through the hole, bend the end over and glue or tape to back of tag, Fan out your tulle to go under your butterfly

Step 8 or alternately step one (to allow time to dry) Cut 3 pieces of grunge paper. Paint with the Snow Cap Dabber. Dry with heat tool and then cut out your butterflies

Step 9. With a paint brush paint a little of each of the re inker colours from outside to inside your butterfly (I did this by starting with stormy sky and painting the edges, then broken china and in the centre chipped sapphire). Allow to dry a little then dab off the excess, cover in Crackle Accents (I am not sure why but neither rock candy or crackle accents worked for me they usually do but the rock candy flaked off and the crackle accents only crackled minimally) I ended up finishing the drying with the heat gun this gives shape to the butterfly. Add Kaiser Pearls to the centre of your butterfly. Attach over the Tulle on the left-hand side.

And that is it Tag 1 Done.

For Tag 2

  • Ink the tag with the leftover ink, and when dry use the Tim Holtz water flinging technique. And dry with a heat gun or allow to dry naturally
  • Using white pigment ink stamp a flourish along the right side of the Tag
  • Take one of the remaining butterflies you cut out and cover in rock candy (the pic does not show the texture of this). Heat this until it bubbles  and the butterfly gains a little shape and lots of texture
  • Drip drops of the 3 re inkers over the butterfly and gently dab off excess then heat again to set it
  • Using the same steps as step 6 for the first tag only this time with broken china ink your tulle and shred it when its dry again tying it together and placing where you want it on the tag (I did not do a hole this time. I placed a knot in the centre of the tulle pieces)
  • Glue your butterfly over the top and fan out your tulle, heat the tulle a little to give it a more ragged look
  • Cut off the shanks from you Christmas buttons and sand the backs till smooth. I also put glue on the snowflake and glittered it in moonlight snow glitter. Attach to tag
  • My mishaps with rock candy crackle gave me a little baggie of pieces. I put a few random spots of glue and shook a little of these scraps onto the tag to create a little bit of snow flurry.

And viola two tags with similar techniques that both are unique.


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