12 Tags Day 3

This one had me in a tizz for a while. Mostly because whilst the technique itself is very simple. The image from the stamp I created just did not work with my background. I love the background that I created and unfortunately photos just do not show the shimmer and patches of opalescence that are there hidden within the layers.

Here is Tag 3 based on the stamping technique used by Tim Holtz http://timholtz.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/12/12-tags-of-christmastag-3.html


I used: Autumn Leaves tis the Season Stamp set

Cut n Dry Stamping Foam (this is similar but different to the one Tim Holtz used however it is what I have so I used it)

Triple Thick


Renoir iridescent Medium

Distress Re-Inkers: Worn lipstick

Dusty Concord

Pine Needles

Chipped Sapphire

Cream Shimmer CS

Fancy Edged Scissors

1 and a Half 4×4″ squares of gold leaf cut into small strips about 6-8 per piece

Sparkling Snow (I got this from Stuff by David on Ebay Code D00281 if you want to ask about it)

Christmas Sticker from my Stash (it was purchased in after Christmas sales some time ago and is a dimensional Reindeer)

Hand Cut Tag


The first step is to do your tag.

Now there are oodles of tutorials including one by my sister on Youtube on how to make home made glimmer glaze and glam. For me I touch my irridesance medium to the bottom of the container I am mixing in. I mean touch do not add more than a hint it is far easier to add more later if needed than to make a huge batch of this and waste it. I spritz two squirts of water into the container and add in about a teaspoon or two of Triple thick. Mix it well then add in your colour. Alternately you can add your colour by doing the same thing with the eye dropper that you do with the medium. Just touch it to the bottom of your container near the iridescance medium. Then spritz and add in the triple thick. Mix it together until you get a colour your happy with. You may want to add more colour or medium until your happy with what you have. Mix in some of the sparkling snow flakes. Paint over your tag spreading the flakes out. I also then sprinkled some of the sparkling snow all over the tag. Then coated it with another layer of the Home made glaze and allowed it to set.

For me I found that the colour turned out a little to strong. So I made  a clear pearlescent version of the glaze by using just the medium , water and triple thick. I spooned this on with a small spoon I use for making my glaze and spread it out.

Allow this to dry overnight .

To make the multi coloured stamped image see the instructions on Tim Holtz’s Blog as they are far better than any I can create and he also has a youtube video featuring the technique

I then stamped the So Thankful onto cream shimmer cardstock. Cut across the top with fancy edged scissors and trimmed it to fit the tag.  Attach the stamped image and your chosen embellishment onto the tag.

The final step is to  take your glue (it is best to use a fairly wet glue) with a paintbrush paint the edges of your tag in patches long enough for your strips of gold leaf. Place the gold leaf on the glue and gently push it onto the edge of the tag. Do this all the way around your tag. Allow it a few mintues to set in place a little. Then with a medium type of stiff brush brush off the excess gold leaf. You will end up with a funky kind of aged look to it.
And that is it. Tag 3 complete


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