12 Tags of Christmas Day 2

Inspired by Tim Holtz


Materials Used:
MME Lost and Found Christmas 6×6 paper pad (I used the Christmas sheet music pp)
Tim Holtz – Tattered Florals Largest Flower x8 cut from white copy paper
-Blending tool and 2 pieces of felt
– Paint Dabber Snow Cap
– Colour Wash Red Pepper
– Winter L/E Ink in Festive Berries and Evergreen Bough
– Superfine Embossing Powder in Clear
Versa mark Watermark Ink pad
Inkadinkado Christmas Characters Stamp Set (I used the snowflake pattern)
QuicKutz Deck the Halls ‘Merry Christmas’ Stamp
Home made white Pearl Mist
Mulberry Holly Leaves
Brass findings and Black Bling from my personal stash
Cake decorating tools
Moonlight Snow Glitter (Mine came from eBay from seller stuff by David)

Step 1: Creating Your Own Resist Paper
Firstly cut out your tag from your PP (I made my own tag not owning a tag die set)

Then Stamp your desired Image onto the pp
Pour over the embossing powder
Shake off the excess
Heat with your heat tool
And repeat with each stamp you wish to use and place where you want to use it.
And viola you have made your first piece of resist pp

Step 2: Inking your Resist
Place your chosen ink onto your craft mat and spray with a little water
Take your blending tool and soak up the ink (I use just one side of the felt for this)
Then Rub over the areas you want in that colour on your tag. I did the outside edges and Merry Christmas first, in the Festive berries, it faded to a pinkish colour so I then went over it with a little of the Red Pepper colour wash.
Then I took the evergreen bough did the same thing on the craft matt and dabbed it into the centre of the tag. It would be easier to work from the inside out rather than the way I did it.

Step 3: Creating your flower
Start by folding in half 4 sheets of copy paper and cutting out your tattered Florals. Use the biggest flower for this.
Separate out your individual flowers
Take the bone tool and crimping tool from your cake decorating set and a rubber mat
Use the tool that looks like a sort of skinny spoon and run it around the edges of your flower

Now use the small ball end of this tool and press it into the edges you just went around bringing it towards you each time with a firm pressure (this helps to crimp and crinkle the edges of your flower)
Use the big ball tool to give your petals shape. Do this to all of your flowers gradually making your edges larger and bringing the petals in more each time.
Then glue the flowers together layering each one with the petals between the gaps of the one underneath it.
I then spritzed my flower with the Red Pepper Colour Wash and some water (be careful not to use to much of either or your flower will lose all that shape you worked to put into it)
Allow your flower to either dry naturally or speed up the process with your heat gun
I used a little glue to adhere the big gem to the centre of the flower.
Next take the snow cap paint dauber and dab it over the edges of your flower
Allow it to dry
Then take some glue (I have a super tacky I thinned with a smidge of water) and a paint brush and brush the glue over the painted areas of your flower (this does not have to be perfectly done and you can leave some of the white paint unglittered it is totally up to you and the look you want to achieve.

Then sprinkle over the Moonlight snow glitter (or colour of your choosing)
And shake off excess onto a piece of paper and place back into the glitter container

Step 4: The Holly Leaves
Take your Pain dauber and paint the edges of the leaves.
Paint the white with glue and again sprinkle over the moonlight snow glitter
Glue 3 leaves together to make a little bunch (you can use more than one set of these if you want to I wanted the background to show up as well so only used one lot)

Step 5: Assembling your tag
Take the paint dauber and go around the edges to take the harshness from the red
Pick the spot you wish to place your flower and glue it in place
Add in your Holly and when you are happy with its position glue it in place
Spritz the lot with a white pearl mist (mine was home made using white paint, pearl ex powder and water)
I added some little brass finding flourishes on either side of the flower
Pre the white boarder
And Viola your tag is finished

This tag used techniques from both day one and day 2 of Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas.


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