I’ve got a Golden Ticket

golden tickets


A friend of mine posted on her facebook status that her daughter made a wish to go to Willy Wonka’s  Chocolate factory, and whilst we can not quite make that wish come true she is doing her best to at least make as much of it come true as possible.

I totally love this Inkadinkado stamp set and it has gotten quite a workout over the years.

I could not help but want to assist in making this friends Daughters dream of finding a golden ticket and going to a chocolate factory come true.

So with a ticket die, the Inkadinkado stamps and some gold DCWV cardstock all stamped in Archival Jet Black ink I made these and sent them off to her.


Can not wait to hear about the rest of the adventure and her reaction when she finds her golden ticket.

Aged Pirate Card

Have to say I am so happy with how this turned out.

pirate card


I made it for a friend who reminds me of a Pirate and when I set out to make the card I thought oooh I want to do a treasure type map card.

I forgot how much I love to make something look old and aged even if it was white to begin with.

The background is a combo of Handmade distress re-inker mists, glimmer mist, and Tsukinedo walnut mist.

I used stamps from Tim Holtz, prima and some from a cheap pirate and princess set I have mostly stamped in Distress ink and Archival Jet Black.

There is tissue tape underneath the film strip ribbon (my first use of it on a card or anything of my own work other than the Tim Holtz workshop a couple of years ago)

And I even parted with one of the Idea-ology skull and crossbones charms which I rubbed a little bit of distress paint over to make it fit the card a wee bit better.

Anyway that is my Aged Pirate Card that I had a lot of fun experimenting and stepping out of my usual clean uncluttered style with.

12 Tags March 2014

March tags


Of Course this is inspired by Tim’s original Tag.


This month focused on 2 main things Smudge stamping a technique I really love to give a fuzzy worn look to images and things and the new craft spritzer.  Which I have yet to add to my stash.


I did two lots of tags for this month because I ruined the first set you know that gut wrenching feeling when you use a colour that is normally light and it goes on way to dark yep that happened.


Anyway I used a Hero Arts Burlap Background stamp in Picked Raspberry just for something a little different. Smudged (See Tims Blog post for the technique)

Then used the Compass and the butterfly stamp from my Tim Stamp Stash.

Also using the same technique.

I added a quote from Tim’s say it stamps and some tissue   tape and viola this months tag.

I rather like the pinkness of it as its something a little different for me.



12 Tags Febuary

I can not believe how fast this month has flown by, I have so much to share on here but may not get to catch up on all of it.

Anyway Tim’s Tag as always is awesome and I totally adore the chalkboard technique.
Febuary photo 12tagsfeb_zps277155d9.jpg
To start with I did a stained background with tea dye and a couple of other brown toned stains mine turned out a bit darker than Tims but I quite like the effect.

I do not own a heart stencil so created one using clear die packaging and some quickutz dies, a tip as it does not cut all the way through, use a craft knife to start and gentle push the rest of the die out and you will get a much smoother finish.

I followed the instructions for the rest of course putting my own spin on it.

I used DCWV Glitter Paper and traced around it with a felt tip pen to make it pop a bit more, I did also ink around the edges of the glitter paper.

And that is is for another Month my Tag of Love :)

A Quick Card.

I got a text message the other day, the kind every crafter dreads, you know the one just wondering if you could whip up a card for someone who is leaving.

Making my card stash null and void as there needed to be a lot of space to write in.

So here is what I came up with based on what was close to hand and in about 30mins
A Quick Card photo KymsCard_zps868d8360.jpg

I automatically thought of the Tim Holtz Bird and Cage die as it looks good and is a quick way to take up a fair amount of room.

So I cut it out of some thin chipboard (recycled packaging). Inked the cage black and then embossed it with silver and used a technique we had learned in Creative Chemistry 102 to make it look a bit more tarnished and old (though I did not get to do it as much as I wanted to to get the look really happening)

I then inked the bird and it’s wing with some distress ink and set them aside, as you can see I was in such a hurry I did not even change my blending foam and some of the black got mottled into the other colour.

I grabbed one of my new hero arts background stamps inked it in one of my fav distress colours Peacock Feathers and spritzed the whole rubber stamp with water.

I stamped it (crookedly, but I will get to that in a moment)

and then blotted off the excess with a tissue.

I took I think it was worn paper or antique linen distress ink with my blending tool and covered the whole background with it as I felt the white was a bit to bright it also aged the Peacock feathers a little as well.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how I was going to get around the crooked background that did not quite cover the whole card, when my eyes caught sight of my tape container. So out came some Washi Style Tape and I used it around 3 of the edges to cover the crookedness and the blank space.

Glued on the bird added on the prima flowers and pearls and viola a card in under 30mins :) I think some days I just get very lucky as a crafter as most of the stuff was pretty close to hand.

Poker Chip Mat Tutorial

This year one of my goals is to post at least a tutorial a Month, I am a bit late with Last Months so here it is.

It is a little tricky at first, however stick with it as once you get the hang of it it is really simple and easy :). It also can be made bigger or smaller depending on your needs.

A great decorative Piece for the Poker, Vegas, or other gambling type themed Party

 photo pokerchipmatfinished_zpse33b356a.jpg


9 thick plastic poker chips

24 small screw eyes

12 jump rings



 photo materials_zps2ba1840d.jpg

Step 1: Lay out your poker chips into the pattern you want, I have used one colour here however you can easily mix and match your poker chips for a funky patterned look.

 photo layout_zps1472e324.jpg

Step 2 Take Your Awl (you can find these really cheap on ebay) and gently poke a hole in your Poker chip. It does not have to be a huge hole but at least enough to start to put your screw eye in.

For corners you need 2 holes one side and one bottom/top depending on position

For the sides you need 3 and for the center you need 4 (this will of course vary depending on how big you are making your mat)

Continue with each poker chip until you have the holes you need.

It pays to have a couple of extra in case of mishaps, also please please go slow and be careful as Awls are very sharp and it is easy to slip if your not paying attention to what your doing.

 photo pokeholes_zps31457d50.jpg

 photo hole_zpscbfde6f1.jpg

Step 3: Put your screw eyes into each hole, I do this just enough so that they stay in, as I find its quicker to have them all in then do the next step

 photo addscreweyes_zps0576396f.jpg

Step 3: Take your pliers in one hand and your poker chip in the other and twist in your Screw eye’s. I found this a little difficult with some of the screw eyes, so you may need to push down hard with the pliers. The Pliers also save very sore fingers.

 photo screwinscreweyes_zps7f4dcc7f.jpg

Step 4: Connect your poker chips together. Using your jump rings and starting at the top corner and working on the first two rows then adding in the last one (or more if you are doing a larger Mat)

I stretched the Jump rings first by placing on the nose of my pliers and opening them a little. I also used the pliers to close them again to keep the mat together.

 photo loopthroughjumpring_zps96e231da.jpg

 photo closejumpring_zpsc43f91f0.jpg

and viola here is the finished Mat. The great thing about this tutorial is you can so easily adapt it, you can take the basic idea of the screw eyes and thick poker chips to make jewellery, a Poker chip version of a beaded curtain, a chandelier the list is endless of the variations and ways you can use this basic idea.

 photo closejumpring_zpsc43f91f0.jpg

12 Tags inspired OTP

As always inspired by the techniques of Tim Holtz

I really love the embossed foil tape technique so much so I used it Last year to create a mask (the technique cropped up in CC2 from memory)

I really love how the foil tape covers the shape of the Mask so well and gets all the contours without difficulty.

The Mask was a cheap one from ebay that I took the fabric and other tacky stuff that was on it off. What I have discovered is that the pre made masks are stronger and better to work with than the paper mache kind and often cheaper and some are lined as an added bonus for comfort.

Anyway here is the Mask

  photo spmaskother_zps9ee59376.jpg

and from each side (I used some watch parts and mini cogs and gears from ideaology)

 photo side2_zpsa1536c6f.jpg

 photo side1_zps92b0c377.jpg

It was a birthday gift for a friend. It has a Game of thrones, Dr Who (insert other cool nerdy references here) type feel to it.

I was really happy with the end result.

If you want to do this just emboss a few pieces of the foil sheet/tape at once, do the aging technique linked to above and go to town.